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MDM Machine & Technology, Inc. is a technology driven CNC machining and manufacturing company located in St. Louis, Missouri. We serve machining, design, manufacturing, and production needs in Missouri and across the United States.


We welcome you to MDM Machine & Technology, Inc's online shop floor. We are a CNC machine and manufacturing company serving a national consumer base. Almost everything in our lives can be connected to American Industry, and particularly CNC machining and modern machine shop companies; from the plastic bottle holding your hygiene products, the television in your family room, to the utensils in your kitchen. Precision machine shops such as ours have had their part somewhere along the production continuum. Because industry is one of the largest economical systems in the United States it is not surprising that there are many CNC machining companies to choose from. With so many to choose from, it is hard to understand the points of parody and differentiation among these modern manufacturers  and custom machine shops.

MDM’s capabilities include CNC programming, Turning (up to six axis CNC lathes), CNC Milling (both Vertical and Horizontal CNC milling with 4th axis), Grinding, Wire EDM cutting, and conventional machining. We also have a n engraving department for you serial and engraving needs.


MDM Machine & Technology is a modern precision machining and manufacturing company that provides simple to complex reverse engineering, machining, manufacturing, production, and assembly services. MDM Machine & Technology  is technology driven and customer-oriented in our provision of new-age innovation and problem solving for consumers in a wide array of industrial markets. We serve the Medical, Aircraft,  Defense, Gage & Metrology, Commercial Applications Telecommunications, Transportation, Alternative Energy,  Industrial Solutions, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Machine Tool OEM, and Automotive OEM sectors. Our diverse consumer base, vast experience, and technology driven solutions allow the ability to offer high quality production while maintaining the time-line you need.


MDM Machine & Technology prides itself at keeping the consumers’ preferred performance indicators at the epicenter of our operations and strategic vision. Our clients continually come to MDM for manufacturing solutions they are unable to find other places, and we provide these solutions with high quality work and quick turnaround times.  MDM Machine & Technology applies the consumers’ needs as the catalyst for our growth and success. We provide engineering solutions, high quality production, quick production times, and great pricing. Our intention is not to complete a single job but rather establish a long-term relationship for the co-creation of mutual value. We strive to exceed your expectations.


Our facility, located in St. Louis Missouri, is at the center of the nation’s north-south and east-west interstate highway systems and is one of the few regions nationwide that has access to four modes of transportation;  air, rail, road, and water. The availability of these options provides some of the lowest shipping costs in the country, thus allowing MDM to pass on the cost savings to our customers when obtaining raw materials and shipping finished products.


We serve a broad spectrum of industries and areas-currently serving consumers in St. Louis, Missouri; Kansas City, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Flint, Michigan; New York City, New York; Charlotte, North Carolina; San Diego, California; San Jose, California; Los Angeles, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; Orange County, California; Denver, Colorado; Auburn-Lewiston, Maine; and Portland, Oregon.

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Our CNC machines, machine programmers, and machine shop proudly serve clients in the medical, aircraft, defense,  gage & metrology, commercial applications, printing, corrugated boxing, telecommunications, transportation, alternative energy, industrial solutions, pharmaceutical, agricultural, machine tool OEM, and automotive aftermarket industries  in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, California, Michigan, Maine, and Arizona. Soon, we anticipate serving a town near you.

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